Oral Orthotics


The face and jaw are heavily innervated (have many nerves). Through mechanisms we are currently exploring, it has been found that in some patients with movement disorders, applying pressure to the back molars and jaw can reduce or eliminate these symptoms. Oral orthotics, similar to a mouth guard, have been specifically designed to change the distribution of pressure on the teeth and jaw. This results in beneficial changes in brain function leading to reduced symptoms of motor illness.


We have produced a movie called Reconnected" to illustrate how oral orthotics are being used to treat motor illness.

The research we are doing focuses on the evaluation of its use as a treatment, and to identify and understand the mechanisms of action on the nervous system.

Using oral orthotics, many people have found relief for a variety of motor illnesses:

Other forms of illnesses have also been treated using oral orthotics: For more information, see:
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The abstracts of our published Oral Orthotics studies can be found by clicking here.

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