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This website is meant to offer information and links about medical alternatives that are cheaper, safer and more effective than the current standard of care. Many of us have come to believe that "Big Medicine" is the best medicine. When we look closely at the state of medicine in the US and other developed countries, we find that there are many examples of excessively expensive and sometimes dangerous treatments being used. While these treatments may benefit some patients, many are left without a solution to their illness.

This website provides specific examples of alternatives to big medicine, that we call "Smaller Medicine."

For background information on Dr. Clark and Smaller Medicine you can read an article written in the University of New Mexico's UNM | Today.

Vince's TEDx talk A Small Revolution in Medicine was just uploaded to YouTube.

Our Story

Vincent P. Clark, PhD is an Associate Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience with 30 years of experience in human brain research. In 2010 our young son became ill with a chronic pain syndrome, called complex regional pain syndrome or CRPS (also known as RSD). We encountered many barriers in our long search to identify the causes of his illness and find him appropriate treatment. One example, was that a medication given safely to many other people caused unusual side effects for our son. He developed tremors and dystonia (his muscles freezing) that completely incapacitated him. These became severe enough to put him in the hospital. The doctors at the hospital, and other specialists could not diagnose the problem. Eventually, we were told that his problem was "psychogenic," essentially just in his head and not real, and that we shouldn't keep looking for answers, as that would just make the problem worse. We began taking him off of the medication and his symptoms stopped as well.

Several months later, he began having pain in his chest area. After almost 9 months of testing consulting with almost 40 specialists and therapists, it was determined that he had a parasitic infection. The local diagnostic laboratory failed to do the diagnostic testing properly, more than 3 different times, and provided the physicians with negative test results.

We eventually found alternative health care providers who used testing laboratories whose methods were verified and proven and his infection was diagnosed. His treatment was successful and provided by physicians who were not part of the main insurance network and by alternative physical therapists. Our son's recovery has been long, but remarkable.

Our "primary physicians" rarely recommended any of these alternative practitioners or therapies to us, mostly because they were not aware of them - they were not part of the "big medicine" system.

We have developed this website to present the arguments for a "small" revolution in medicine, and for all of us to consider a return to more rational medicine: cheaper, safer, simpler and more effective technologies to reduce unnecessary suffering, caused either by illnesses not properly treated or by the treatments themselves.

Vince's Passion

Vince's passion is to understand the human brain. He has spent the past three decades focusing on brain research. He is the founding Director of the newly built Clinical Neuroscience Center in the Department of Psychology at the University of New Mexico (, and is an Editor for NeuroImage, the most highly cited journal in the field of neuroimaging. Vince's most important occupation is caring for his children. His 11 year old son was diagnosed with a pain syndrome two years ago. This started him on a journey to find and validate new methods to alleviate suffering in people with brain and mental illnesses. He hopes to help begin a "small" revolution in medicine, finding more practical methods of diagnosis and treatment that are also safer, cheaper and more effective than what is currently available.

Vince's TEDx talk on Smaller Medicine, A Small Revolution in Medicine, can be found on YouTube.

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